05/12/2016 • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection

Abus Security-Center: Secvest Wireless Alarm System

Mechatronic Burglary Protection

The VdS Home certified Secvest wireless alarm system provides protection against burglary, fire, water and medical emergency. Technical basis are the renowned additional door and window locks from Abus. In addition, the alarm panel can also be activated and deactivated via app. This app also provides access to up to 6 IP cameras - either for video verification of events or “just checking” by live stream of the cameras.

Secvest also offers e-mail notification and VoIP communication in the event of an alarm. Also SMS or calls via GSM module (optional) are possible. Thanks to network access and GSM module, the alarm system can transmit both analogue and digital protocols. Secvest offers a wide variety of detections for example fire, water, glass breakage, motion, perimeter monitoring, vibration, in case of an attack or medical emergencies.


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