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Combustion Elemental Analyzers

Analysis of total sulfur, nitrogen and chlorine in petroleum products

TSHR International introduces a new range of Combustion Elemental Analyzers for the analysis of total sulfur, nitrogen and chlorine in petroleum products. The TSHR 7000 Series is a compact fully automated combustion analyzer with a vertical sample introduction and furnace tube connected to a gas conditioning system and high quality detection systems down to ppb concentrations.

This provides the user within a few minutes, accurate data in compliance with regulatory methods such as ASTM, UOP and CEN standards. The TSHR liquids autosampler, HR 7000 model, can analyze 15 to 121 samples automatically to meet small and large routine lab requirements.

Also the new TSHR 6000 Series combustion elemental analyzers, which are based on horizontal sample introduction technique is extremely suitable for a wide range of applications like liquids and solids.

Both 6000- and 7000-Series can be optional equipped with a HR 7000 Plus model liquids autosampler using a heated sample tray and a vortex module to handle challenging sample matrices.

The new Gas & LPG sample introduction module, GM 7000, can be connected to the TSHR 6000- and 7000-Series and controlled through Athena software. The new enhanced range of TSHR Combustion Elemental Analyzer solutions will drive customers in QC and routine labs to high productivity and low costs of operation with high accuracy and reliable total sulfur, nitrogen and chlorine data.

TSHR 6000 & 7000 SERIES: Features/Benefits

Key features:

TSHR 6000 Series

  • Enhanced Versatility
  • Robust and Ease-of-Use
  • Maximum Application Flexibility
  • Dual zone furnace with 5 years warranty                     

TSHR 7000 Series

  • Powerful Performance
  • Compact and Ease-of-Use
  • Fully Automated for high Productivity
  • Vertical positioned furnace with 5 years warranty

Technical Features

The use of the HR 7000 liquid autosampler models with 15 and 121 sample positions for 2 mL screw cap vials and options for temperature controlled tray and vortex position will enhance the capabilities for handling challenging sample matrices and support small and large laboratories. The feature of Intelligent Dilution Protocol will drive the fully automatic calibration functionality.

Injection device:
The use of a syringe injection device with Ar/He carrier gas and temperature setting of 500oC will ensure a fast and smooth evaporation of liquid hydrocarbon samples. The availability of a boat sample introduction technique at 6000 Series with cooling option, supports the application versatility of the TSHR 6000 Series.

Combustion tube:
A high capacity combustion tube to achieve complete conversion of the bounded sulfur, nitrogen and chlorine components into their respective gases. The unique combustion tube with end-end sintered glass and a furnace with 5 years guaranteed lifetime will support the customer convenience and reliability of the TSHR TN/TS/TX analyzers.

The use of high sensitivity detectors for Trace Level Sulfur, Nitrogen and Chlorine analysis in accordance with international regulatory methods drives the dynamic broad working range and unbeatable low detection levels to ensure high accuracy and excellent reproducibility of TN/TS/TX data.

Athena Software:
User friendly and powerful software package including real-time measurement curves, system status checks, calibration curves functionalities, sample priority handling, review of data while running analysis, export of data which increases the productivity and supports the GM 7000 and HR 7000 samplers.

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