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Matrox Design Assistant 4.0 - DENSO b-CAP

Vision Software Support DENSO b-CAP Interface for Robots

Matrox Imaging today announced that its Matrox Design Assistant machine vision software now supports DENSO’s binary control access protocol (b-CAP) robot interface. The Design Assistant application development environment can be used to implement vision-based guidance of DENSO robots without the need to directly program a DENSO robot controller.

Matrox Design Assistant 4 is the first hardware-independent integrated development environment (IDE) that lets users easily create an application flowchart and HMI and take projects from concept to completion in record time, without the need for conventional programming. Flexible project deployment options include Matrox Iris GT smart cameras, Matrox 4Sight GPm industrial imaging computers and PCs with standard GigE Vision® or USB3 Vision® cameras.

Matrox Imaging’s implementation of our b-CAP interface within Design Assistant means that all logic for the vision subsystem and the robot itself can be implemented within a single development environment,” said Yousuke Sawada, manager, Controller Business Unit, DENSO WAVE Incorporated. ”Integrators will appreciate the significant reduction in development time and cost this affords.”

“Demand for robots is ever-increasing as companies seek the benefits of automation and DENSO robots are widely used in manufacturing industries around the world,” said Sam Lopez, director of sales and marketing, Matrox Imaging. “With our support of DENSO’s b-CAP interface in Design Assistant, our joint customers can now more quickly and cost-effectively deploy DENSO robots with vision-based guidance to improve quality, increase productivity, ensure safety and provide flexibility in their operations.”

Support for b-CAP with Matrox Design Assistant is implemented as a set of client steps to connect to, request execution and disconnect from the server running on the DENSO robot controller. This collection of steps is available separately and upon request from Matrox Imaging. No additional software, other than Matrox Design Assistant itself, is required on the vision system.

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