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Q300T ES - coating system

Large Specimen Metal Evaporator/Sputter Coater

The Q300T ES is a large chamber, turbomolecular-pumped coating system ideally suited to metal evaporation onto large diameter specimens up to 6”/152 mm or smaller multiple specimens.

The coater also comes with interchangeable sputtering and carbon evaporation inserts to allow a coating radius of up to 4”/102 mm. The sputter coating insert will deposit both oxidizing metals, e.g. chromium and aluminum and non-oxidizing (noble) metals such as gold and platinum. The system uses controlled ramped carbon rod evaporation to ensure optimum control of the process and quality of results. In addition the quality of the resulting carbon films is enhanced by the eradication of “sparking” which is a common problem with less advanced coating systems.

The Q300T ES is the latest addition to Quorum’s market-leading Q Series, which includes both turbo and rotary pumped platforms, plus the Q300T D which will sputter two sequential metals without the need to break vacuum. All systems are fully automatic and come with a three-year warranty.

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