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MIPOS - objective positioner


Using the Stimulate Demission Depletion Method (STED), a resolution far below the diffraction limit can be achieved. The microscope became a nanoscope. such a higher resolution needs an improved positioning.

The objective positioners of the MIPOS series by Piezosystem jena, like the mirror tilting system series PSH and the z-axis scanner PZ300AP CAP AP are suitable instruments. They fits for standard and special objectives for all major microscope brands like Carl Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, Mittutoyo. They can be used for single objectives and/or the complete revolver. The Series PSH with large tilting stages, mirrors and other optics can be tilted and positioned with frequencies in the kilohertz range.

The PZ300AP has a very big aperture accommodating standard microscopy accessories like incubators and multiwell sample holders and is designed to fit into Maerzhauser and Prior XY-microscope standard stages.

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