07/19/2015 • Laboratory appliances • Microscopy / Imaging

Q-motion - miniature linear & rotary positioner

Miniature Piezo Nanopositioners

PI’s Q-motion miniature linear and rotary positioners are designed for motion and alignment applications involving optics alignment and assembly, microscopy, beam-line instrumentation, medical engineering, and bio-technology.

Their motor drive allows for maximum push/pull forces of 3N and a velocity of 10 mm/sec. The Q-522 linear positioners are some of the smallest precision motion stages currently available on the market. These compact positioning devices are only 22mm wide come with travel ranges from ½” to 1 inch (26mm). In addition to the linear motion stages, a series of rotary positioners is also available.

Starting with table diameters of only 14mm, the Q-514 rotation stage according to the Company is currently the smallest 360 degree rotary positioner PI offers. 22mm and 32mm models are also offered.

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