05/12/2015 • IT Security / Cyber Security


Bosch Security Systems: EffiLink - IP-Based System Platform For Remote Services

EffiLink is a completely IP-based system platform for services like remote diagnostics and programming. This solution offers a secure connection of customer systems to the Bosch monitoring center via Internet or BoSiNet and is hosted in the Bosch data center in Germany. The continuous surveillance of the system status enables early detection of potential disturbances, which means that an on-site technician would not be needed in certain cases. This improves the availability of systems and saves time and money.

Data security on EffiLink is safeguarded at all times by a sophisticated authentication and authorization management. All services have to be actively requested by the customers; remote connections are not possible without the customers’ order. Innovative: Bosch Security Systems is the first supplier of a completely IP-based, manufacturer- and system-neutral Remote Services platform for remote diagnostics and programming in the market.

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