05/12/2015 • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection

MAP 5000 COM

Bosch Security Systems: MAP 5000 COM - Modular Alarm Platform

The Modular Alarm Platform MAP 5000 COM module is a solution for securing medium-to-large applications such as museums, banks or department store chains. MAP 5000 COM offers an integrated IP alarm communication with redundancy via GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) which use the German VdS 2465 protocol. Alarms encrypted with AES 256 can be transmitted.

The usage of Ethernet and IP for the transmission and the integration of the transmission device into the control panel itself simplify the solution design, reduce investments and operating costs and improve at the same time reliability of the entire system. The MAP is certified in accordance with VdS class C. The innovation: The MAP 5000 COM is the first intrusion alarm panel with an integrated IP alarm communicator using the VdS 2465 protocol in the market.


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