05/06/2015 • Machine safety, industrial safety


Phoenix Contact: FLT-SEC-HYBRID Line follow current-free lightning arrester

Flashtrab-Sec-Hybrid is a lightning arrester according to the IEC test categories I + II with a patented line follow current-free spark gap and an integrated backup fuse. This saves space for the otherwise required separate backup fuse and reduces the assembly effort. The new spark gap technology reliably prevents any line follow current.

This prevents unwanted surge current loads for the installation and increases the service life of the protective devices significantly. In case of a rated voltage of 264 V, the protection level reaches a maximum of 1.5 kV. The lightning test current (10/350)µs is 25 kA per channel. Due to the pluggable design, it is not necessary to intervene in the installation should maintenance be required.

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