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LSM 800 - compact confocal laser-scanning microscope

Compact Confocal Microscope

The LSM 800 from Zeiss is a compact confocal laser-scanning microscope for highend confocal imaging.

Tailored to the needs of a broad range of applications in individual research environments, the system complements the recently introduced LSM 8 family. With highly sensitive GaAsP detector technology and fast linear scanning, this LSM provides high image quality and offers enhanced productivity and throughput, as well as greater flexibility in live cell imaging.

The optional Airyscan module delivers 1.7 times higher resolution and higher sensitivity than conventional confocal microscopes. Scientists can resolve even fast movements of labeled proteins thanks to the increased scanning speeds. At an image size of 512 x 512 pixels, they are able to capture events at up to 8 frames per second.

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