01/12/2015 • Laboratory appliances • Microscopy / Imaging

SEM - Teneo VS scanning electron microscope

3D Volume Imaging of Cells and Tissues

FEI introduces the Teneo VS scanning electron microscope (SEM). The Teneo platform tightly integrates the company’s latest-generation SEM with Volumescope, an in-chamber microtome and proprietary analytical software to provide fully automated, largevolume reconstructions with improved z-axis resolution.

Researchers in cellular, tissue, developmental and neurobiology, as well as toxicology and pharmacology, need to see nanoscale detail over relatively large sample volumes in order to understand functions and interactions within cells and tissues. The tight integration and extensive automation of the instrument ensures fast, easy analysis, while the combination of our Thrusight and Maps software deliver very high resolution over large sample volumes. Volumescope uses serial block face imaging (SBFI) to acquire a 3D volume from a block of tissue or cells.

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