09/15/2014 • Image processing / Optical metrology • Microscopy / Imaging

StingRay laser

Precise Laser Lines for 3D Machine Vision

In laser based 3D Machine Vision, the quality of the projected laser line is the most critical parameter in order to achieve accurate and repeatable measurements. Coherent has developed the StingRay laser family, a feature reach product matching the expectation of the most demanding users.  

StingRay lasers have a highly efficient beam shaping optic, generating a uniform laser intensity distribution along the laser line. The beam shaping optic is manufactured by an automated process, minimizing process deviation, thus offering a high unit to unit consistency. StingRay Lasers are fitted with an external focus adjustment. The focusing lens is not rotated, but translated to maintain beam pointing accuracy.

The lasers come with various electrical options, including external modulation and RS232 control, and are also available in compact versions with different types of separated electronics.

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