09/10/2014 • Laboratory appliances • Microscopy / Imaging

SEM SU8230

SEM with CFE tech­nology for Na­nomaterial Characterization

The Hitachi SU8230 is the first SEM in Europe to utilize the latest high stability CFE tech­nology and will be used for na­nomaterial characterization in pharmaceutical, catalysis and energy applications.

Ultra-low voltage capabilities, including low-loss BSE imaging, provides information on the true-sur­face and electrical properties of materials at nanoscale res­olution. The instrument is expected to stimulate nanomateri­als research. Being equipped with angle-selective BF and DF STEM, it will enable correlative studies with TEM, especially on light element materials. Simultaneous SE, BSE, BF and DF imaging, as well as nanoscale EDX, will also provide additional insights compared to TEM techniques alone.

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