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Lumencor SpectraX & Sola SM/SE

LED Light Sources for Microscopy

AHF analysentechnik offers Lumencor SpectraX and Sola SM/SE, which are at present the most powerful LED/solid-state fluorescence light sources for microscopy on the market. Especially in Green/Yellow/Red excitation they have a much higher power output compared to all other LED solutions.

The light intensity over its full spectrum (385 to 680 nm) is comparable to Metal-Halide light sources, but they have all advantages of LED systems. Those are e. g. superior lifetime (20,000 h), very short switching times (10 µs), very high long term stability, no cooling-up / cooling-down. The SpectraX comes with six independently switchable LEDs / “light pipes” with seven different exchangeable excitation filters. It can be controlled via TTL, RS232/USB or via software (e. g. Nikon Imaging Software, Micro Manager, Metamorph, Labview, Matlab). For more information please contact AHF.

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