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Network Video Management Systems HD Express

Vicon's HD Express Plug & Play NVR Provides Simple, Cost-Effective Viewing & Recording of HD Video

Vicon Industries Inc., a leading designer and producer of network video management systems, introduces the HD Express, a revolutionary IP video solution that provides simple, cost-effective viewing and recording of HD video.

HD Express records up to 16 channels of 1080p network video and delivers many advanced features while requiring no networking knowledge or additional hardware for installation. Users simply connect network cameras to the device's camera ports and HD Express detects and configures them while delivering PoE power. HD Express is optimized to work with a wide range of 1080P cameras, including many models from Vicon.

Live and recorded video may be viewed and controlled locally using an HDMI monitor and USB mouse connected to the HD Express unit, remotely using a web browser, or on smart phones and tablets with a free mobile app available for Apple and Android devices. Features include thumbnail search, alarm logs and motion detection. An administrator dashboard provides easy diagnostics. Free, multi-site software allows users to view and control multiple HD ExpressTM devices from a single interface, supporting up to 64 simultaneous video streams. Varying administrative access levels may be created for multiple users.

HD Express is offered in 4, 8 and 16 channel models with a range of storage options, including the ability to use eSATA external storage.
"With HD Express, system cost and complexity are no longer barriers for any customer to benefit from the advantages of a true HD, IP video security solution," said Bret McGowan, Vicon's Senior VP, Sales and Marketing.

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