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Solutions for a save and efficient Sterine-analytic in food control services

After the successful introduction of the LC-GC-System MOSH/MOAH for food control services Axel Semrau® presents a new process for the analytic of Sterine. The formation of Sterine is an important appraisal factor for the quality of olive oils. As a result they get checked periodically. The current method for this analytic is time-consuming and requires numerous manual sample preparatory steps.

The foundation of our new solution the on-line LC-GC coupling is already established at the determination of MOSH and MOAH in food and packaging. The main advantage is the complete analytic automation. Weigh in and adjustment of the sample vial in the Auto sampler are the only manual workflow steps, therefore plenty error sources are omitted.

The sample preparation is automatic with a Dual PAL sample injector. It injects the sample after the completed sample preparation – in this case a saponification – into the HPLC. The sample preparation runs parallel to the analytic of the previous sample. Thereby an optimal usage of the system is ensured. An operation with Dual PAL in conjunction with the software CHRONOS makes it possible. Both are in-house developments of Axel Semrau. The Dual Pal comes with a two needle-systems which makes it possible to control the sample preparation and injection into the HPLC independently of each other.

HPLC is preceded of the GC as a purification step. After HPLC did split the sterines they get transferred into the GC everything targeted and also automatically controlled by CHRONOS. A complete result is already available after two hours, about six hours of troublesome manual sample preparation cease to apply. It has been verified through an extensive trial in customer laboratories, that the introduced procedure is equal or superior in every particular to the current analytic with ISO standards.

Due to the short analysis times and the high degree of automation the LC-GC-System for sterine amortizes in a short matter of time. Axel Semrau®´s solutions are pre-installed at the application laboratory, tested and installed ready for operation at the user. Included in the installation is a user training, which aims that the user is able to work instantly. This secures a start of a routinely measuring operation as quickly as possible.

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