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AScension LC-GC

A universal LC-GC Interface opens the coupling technique for all GCs

In the last years the coupling technique of HPLC with the GC established to a routine-capable method in many laboratories. The determination of mineral oil hydrocarbons in food products and packaging (MOSH/MOAH) is one essential application. Additional applications are implemented with this technique, as the determination of sterols for oil quality control, the determination of PAHs in oils or the analysis of plasticizer and pesticides in food.

The advantages of the LC-GC-coupling especially include the high level of automation, high sample throughput and a reduced risk of contamination.

The AScension LC-GC Interface was developed by Axel Semrau®. The technique enable analysts to use LC-GC-Coupling with all GC- and GCMS-Systems.

The basic component of this technique is a Large-Volume injection in a retention gap which is linked with the analytical column. The eluent of the HPLC is evaporated and through a special valve switch removed from the system, until the amount of solvent is compatible for the analytical GC-column. The gas chromatographic analysis at the analytical column starts after the removal of the solvent. Up to 1 mL of the solvent volume can be injected by this procedure.

The entire control system of this procedure is carried out by the AScension LC-GC module. It includes gas control, temperature and valve control. The AScension is completely compatible with the CHRONOS platform, which secures a simple and intuitional operation of the process.

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