01/30/2014 • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection • Security Management, Access Control, Time Attendance

Control Unit for Hold Open Systems

The Control unit for hold open systems FSZ Basis is an electric power supply, a manual button, an alarm memory and a reset-button all in one device. The FSZ Basis fits on doors and gates and equates the guidelines of DIN EN 14637 as well as the test regulations of the DIBt of 2012. With these characteristics the FSZ is not only technically up to date but also with standard specifications.

It is compatible to several predecessors of Hekatron and to consisting pipeline networks. It’s a cost-efficient solution, especially for gradually upgrading. The FSZ Basis is also very reliable for complex environmental conditions because of the protection category IP 54, the keypad and the line monitoring refer to DIN 14637.

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