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  • Smallest 3MOS Camera Head
  • Amazing Sensitivity & Resolution
  • Brilliant Colour Reproduction
  • Multi Format up to 1080p
  • Available as OEM components

The 3MOS Full-HD Micro camera GP-US932X is suitable for many applications including medical (hospitals, microscopy), industrial (quality control, inspection), live science (research facilities, laboratories) and broadcast (for example in nature documentaries).

Quality starts with the Camera Head
Thanks to the newest CMOS technology the GP-US932X delivers HD quality with one of the smallest remote 3MOS camera head. The already at the head fully digitized signal, the possibility to use different cable lengths, the ability to use many different video formats (HD/SD/digital/ analogue), the outstanding performance of 1000 TV Lines resolution and the amazing light sensitivity of 2000lx at F12 (activated Binnning mode) turns the camera to an impressive visual solution.

Additional functionality
Other functions like image rotation, flip and mirroring, three pre-sets including the colour temperatures, the freeze picture, 2.5x electronic zoom, 12-axis colour matrix and frequency-depending detail enhancement makes this camera to a even more versatile product.

HD technology available as OEM components
Panasonic also offers the HD microcamera system as OEM components. The camera head, the CCU control board and the signal cables are available. The OEM version of the digital camera head is much smaller than its predecessor and the power consumption has been further reduced to 2.1W.

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