10/26/2012 • IT Security / Cyber Security • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance

22 inch and 46 inch Transparent LCD Display

Eyevis has introduced a new display technology which will revolutionize the digital signage and presentation market. It is a transparent LCD, which is available in 22" in colour or black/white, and in 46" as colour version. The LCDs operate by using ambient light without internal backlight. As the LCDs use ambient light, the power consumption of the device itself is less than 90% compared with conventional LCDs of that size.

The transparent LCD enables to look through the display like glass on an exhibit or product behind it. This provides absolutely new presentation possibilities for museums, shopping malls where you can show a product or exhibit and put some additional information or animation on the LCD. The LCDs can also be equipped with interactive features like touch systems for example. The product is dedicated for creative people who make the content for such signage solutions or for AV system integrators who develop a complete concept.

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