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Efficient Probe Selection

Hellma Analytics has introduced a Web Configurator for the efficient selection of optical PAT immersion probes. Applications in process analytical technology (PAT) are just as numerous as they are individual. Furthermore, the monitoring and control of sophisticated production processes is frequently very complex and cost intensive. The use of optical immersion probes in UV / Vis or NIR process analysis can support processes proactively.

The configuration of the correct immersion probe is very time consuming and associated with the need for considerable clarification. The Company’s Web Configurator is designed to change this by offering more than 500,000 possibilities to configure an individual optical immersion probe very simply and within just a few minutes. At the same time, a fixed price is provided. On the basis of a number of essential parameters, such as e.g. the measuring principle, light path, material, pressure, temperature, length, diameter, etc., the user clicks through the configurator list and receives his individual immersion probe configuration at the end.

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