09/11/2012 • Fire prevention • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection

Swissphone: I.SEARCH

I.SEARCH is a system for the safe and quick alerting of employees in dangerous situations, or in case of incidents, machine malfunction or a staff paging system. It has a lot of interfaces to existing systems via: I/O contacts, SNMP, ESPA protocol, serial interface, LAN, e-mail, etc. The staff can be alerted or notified by paging, e-mail or SMS.

The pagers are very robust, loud and have a high-contrast text display. It is also possible to let them listen to the text as a voice message. It gives users the opportunity to use it for: -Instant evacuation alert of the whole staff -Alerting the plant fire brigade with detailed information -Paging machine malfunctions are sent to the affected operator -Automatic notification of the system admin when IT infrastructure crashes -Danger notification alarm in case of a malfunction.

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