08/31/2012 • Automation • Machine safety, industrial safety

PATROL: Greater security, speed and economy for your alarm system

The PATROL series of sounders from Pfannenberg sets new benchmarks for innovation and efficiency, especially in the areas of fire alarms and machine warnings. Beyond its ability to penetrate acoustic barriers, the products also stand out for their quick, uncomplicated and error-free installation — making them the leaders of a new generation of acoustic signalling devices.

The series of sounders uses a broad frequency spectrum that includes a wide range of deep tone frequencies. As a result the sound from a device placed in a corridor is capable of penetrating into nearby spaces and penetrating barriers such as doors and walls. This allows for legally compliant alarm systems that require significantly fewer sounders, which in turn significantly reduces procurement and installation costs.

One single technician is all that is needed for installation. The devices have been designed for simple handling, eliminating the need for a "third hand". Locking elements and the seal on the case are fixed so that parts cannot be removed. A plug connector provides an automatic contact for the electronics in the casing, while a torsion protection mechanism eliminates the chance for incorrect installation. Once mounted, the sounder is ready for action immediately.

The sounders in the PATROL series are also available as combination devices with factory prewired flashing lights, whereby the light intensity is adapted to the signal reception range for the sounder. The various signal strengths, configurable tone types and IP-66 protected casing all make the PATROL ready for universal use. The devices can be delivered to ac-commodate ambient noise levels from 100 to 120 dB(A).

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