08/03/2012 • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection

Wireless system for the fence guarding / wireless fence guarding system

PerimeterLocator is the wireless system for the fence guarding using special RFID acceleration detectors mounted on the fence and gates. Acceleration RFID detectors do not require power supply and their battery life is approximately 8 years. Batteries are replaceable. PerimetrLocator is suitable for all types of fences and gates. The installation is easy and quick. The PerimeterLocator system also allows the guarding of the items and material inside the perimeter using the RFID acceleration detectors. PerimetrLocator can communicate with all types of electronic security systems (ESS). This perimetric system also provides guidance of industrial PTZ cameras to the place of the intrusion and contactless check of the guard patrolling around the perimeter.

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