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Fire-load test certificate for large-sized industrial displays

DSM Computer offers for its ABLE industrial displays a fire-load calculation conducted by an independent expert. An appropriate test certificate can be made available on request. This allows the professional display systems also to be deployed in public buildings and halls because architects normally request this calculation or certificate for public tenders.

The term fire load (also fire loading) is used in conjunction with the safety technology for buildings and the required fire protection. The fire load of an object, such as part of building furnishings, is understood to be the energy released when it burns. The fire load is specified related to a specific ground area in energy/m² (kWh/m²). In accordance with the fire load, safety regulations must be observed as part of the construction measures for fire protection, e.g. extinguishing agents must be chosen, sprinkler systems and escape routes planned.

The fire load of the ABLE industrial displays has been calculated in accordance with DIN18230-1 "Structural fire protection in industrial buildings", the housing correspondingly in accordance with DIN4102 of the fire classification B1. Further details for the procedure, as well as permitted exceptions, for the consideration of existing inflammable materials are regulated in DIN 18230-1 and in the Industrial Buildings Directive. The Industrial Buildings Directive has not been introduced by the building authorities in all German states.

The industrial ABLE display systems from DSM Computer are currently available in three variants with screen diagonal sizes of 140 cm (55 inch), 119 cm (47 inch) and 107 cm (42 inch). The robust display systems can be controlled with an integrated industrial mini-ITX board based on the high-performance Intel Core i5-2510E processor of the second generation with two CPU cores (2.5 GHz). Optionally, models can also be supplied with an Intel Core processor i3-2330E with 2.2 GHz clock rate. The Intel HD3000 graphic chip implemented in the processor supports full-HD resolution. The high-quality TFT monitors offer increased dust protection and are protected against spray water in accordance with the IP44 degree of protection.

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