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Optimized Antibody Panels

Custom Design Services (CDS) from Beckman Coulter provides single and multicolor custom-tailored conjugate configurations as well as purified antibodies. The Company’s scientists work with a wide variety of proprietary or customer- supplied human and nonhuman antibodies. They use a comprehensive array of fluorochromes to create tests for an expansive range of targets.

Two- to ten-color panels can be composed using fluorochromes to meet specific experimental requirements. Proprietary tandem dye technology ensures optimal coupling efficiency and enhances signal-to-noise ratio, so that dyes can be used to detect low-density antigens without the loss of sensitivity. Antibodies may be lyophilized or supplied in a specified buffer solution. The Company’s Krome Orange, a violet-excited organic dye, expands the range of available choices and dye sensitivity limits for violet lasers and facilitates the development of high-quality, multicolor panels.

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