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Cognex Introduces the First Wireless Industrial ID Barcode Reader with Ethernet

Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ: CGNX) today announced a new wireless version for its next-generation DataMan® handheld industrial ID scanner, the DataMan 8000 series. The new wireless communication module and base station with Cognex Connect™ capabilities is now available for users with extended range cord free code reading applications. Cognex Connect provides the most flexibility for communicating via Industrial Protocols such as EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, MC Protocol and others in addition to traditional support for USB and RS-232. The DataMan 8000 series is the only industrial handheld ID reader to support industrial protocols for both corded and cordless models, allowing for easy integration, reduced installation costs and remote access to diagnostics.

The new wireless reader provides a long working range—up to 100m—with a large memory capacity for reading codes when offline or out of range. The base station comes standard with a spare battery charger built in and is compatible with industry standard Ethernet, USB and RS-232 cables.

Common to all DataMan 8000 series models is the system’s unique modular design allowing any reader to change between corded RS-232/USB communication to Industrial Ethernet or to wireless with field exchangeable interface modules. The communication modules offer security for customer investment as well as flexibility enabling users to modify their deployment and communication methods to meet future requirements. The base station for the wireless model is equipped with separate communication ports for USB, RS-232 and Ethernet options making it the most versatile choice in the series.

The rugged DataMan 8000 series is designed for the factory floor and offers the industry’s most advanced code reading technology using two powerful algorithms, 1DMax™ and 2DMax™. These patented technologies provide the most advanced decoding available for reading virtually every type of code, every time, with unsurpassed read rates, regardless of size, quality, printing method or surface. The DataMan 8000 series also offers liquid lens variable focus technology which allows a user to read small 2-D direct part marks (DPM) as well as long linear 1-D barcodes with a single reader.

“This addition to our DataMan 8000 series makes it truly the most flexible and advanced handheld reader out there,” said Carl Gerst, Vice President and Business Unit Manager, ID Products. “We are happy to provide a cordless reader that has unique features in addition to the incredible functionality that is standard for all DataMan 8000 readers like reading robustness, advanced lighting and optics and field interchangeable communication modules.”

The DataMan 8000 series is available in two base models:

DataMan 8500
The DataMan 8500 readers incorporate patented UltraLight® technology from Cognex for superior image formation on any mark type and surface. UltraLight illumination provides dark field, bright field and diffuse lighting all in one electronically controlled light.

DataMan 8100
The DataMan 8100 includes all of the features of the DataMan 8500 readers, with bright field illumination. The DataMan 8100 readers are ideal for applications that require superior code reading performance without specialty lighting.

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