02/02/2012 • Fire prevention • Installation • Medical tech


The result of comprehensive development by designers and clinicians, the Neo-Restraint answers the needs for a safe, fully adjustable close proximity restraining system to reduce the risk of injury during infant transfer. The Neo-Restraint is colour coded and designed to secure infants ranging in weight from 500g to 6kg.

Compatible with the Draeger TI500 Transport Incubator and the Draeger TI500 Globetrotter Incubator.
• Easy Installation.
• Quick Release.
• Machine washable.
• Innovative wedge design removes pressure points, wrapping over the infant for non-abrasive support.
• Fully adjustable.
• Small (blue) 500g - 1.5kg
• Medium (polar white) 1.2 - 4kg
• Large (lilac) 3.5 - 6kg

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