01/20/2012 • Microscopy / Imaging

Multi Color Laser Light Source for Super Resolution Microscopy

The Agilent Monolithic Laser Combiner MLC 400 distributed by Laser 2000 Europe is a perfect solution for confocal, super resolution and fluorescence microscopy. Long-life DPSS and diode lasers are efficiently combined in a single output fiber, which is coupled to the microscope. With the integrated AOTF fast switching between the wavelengths and fast regulation of the output power is possible.
The unique design includes permanent factory alignment. No more losing time with adjusting lasers instead of taking microscope images.
Key FeaturesThe Agilent MLC 400 is a monolithic laser combiner designed for fluorescence and confocal microscopy research applications. It offers a reliable laser light source at desired wavelengths, with minimal downtime for maintenance and alignment because the system leaves the factory aligned and it stays that way. The result is a laser-based illumination system for cell biology that is stable, reliable, and easy to use.
State-of-the-art Technology without RealignmentEnvironmental changes that commonly occur in laboratories, such as temperature, air flow, and vibration, are no longer an issue with the MLC 400. Based on Agilent's innovative complex monolithic optic technology the MLC 400 beam combining optics are bonded into a single optic. This allows Agilent to permanently align the beam combiner before it leaves the factory - and therefore, realignment in the lab is not required. The beam-combining optics and beam-steering optics in the MLC 400 are fully integrated with the fiber-coupled beam delivery system, resulting in a laser light source that delivers stable power reliably day after day - without alignment.
The incorporated microprocessor makes the MLC 400 much more than a robust laser combiner: communication interfaces are integrated to synchronize with your imaging hardware.
Application FieldsTypical applications of the MLC 400 are confocal, super resolution and fluorescence microscopy techniques including TIRF, FISH, PALM, FRAP, FLIP, STORM and FRET.
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