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“MAGDOS LB” solenoid diaphragm dosing pump from Lutz-Jesco

The MAGDOS LB is the first in a new series of solenoid pumps and comes in a state-of-the-art, practical design made of glass-fibre reinforced PP material.

With the MAGDOS LB Lutz-Jesco has launched a state-of-the-art dosing pump series in 7 performance categories ranging from 0.36 to 15.0 l/h up to 16 bar. To ensure outstanding dosing precision Lutz-Jesco generally uses double ball valves, and this is the case with the MAGDOS LB.

Through ongoing design and development changes the new MAGDOS LB is now more cost-effective than its predecessor, while offering significantly better performance parameters. The new short stroke magnet design allows a more stable and rigid diaphragm to be used, achieving a more rigid pressure characteristic curve. Pressure fluctuations therefore only have limited effect on the pump’s delivery rate. Due to the short stroke lengths, stroke frequencies of up to 250 / min have become standard, achieving a relatively low-pulsation dosing.

There is no need for a panel when mounting the MAGDOS LB to a wall or floor. At the same time it is child’s play to use a standard tool to fit the dosing head in 3 different positions, to adapt it to the specific requirements of the assembly location.

The dosing capacity can be controlled from 0 … 100% by adjusting the stroke frequency on the dosing pump. The MAGDOS LB is supplied already calibrated. For special dosing tasks it can be calibrated on site to adapt to the dosing medium.
The dosing head has been designed with an optimum manual discharge function incorporated. This acts as a temporary starting aid or enables outgassing media to be dosed, since it is permanently ajar.

All MAGDOS LB models are available in PVC, PP or PVDF. This ensures that virtually all toxic, harmful or easily outgassing fluid media can be dosed.

All the models come with long-range power supply unit; as a result the MAGDOS LB can be used globally from 115 to 235V ± 10% (50/60Hz) mains supply, irrespective of the supply in the particular country of use.

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