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What a nice shoe family

When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, you need some tough guys. The RENZO’s are such hard-boiled buddies. No matter if large and wide or small and compact – the members of this nice shoe family are always exactly on target when it comes to rough conditions, where nails or broken glass is lying around, or where items might fall down. What all RENZO’s have in common? High-quality and long-lasting material com-binations, a robust design and practical safety concepts for working ar-eas which place high demands on the safety shoe and its wearer.

Our new shoe family feels home where craftsmen, industrial workers and Co. need to work hard. Thanks to deep-treaded soles, the RENZO’s provide reliable grip on rubble, soil and scree. In any wind and weather, you won’t start slipping. This has been made possible by the latest gen-eration of ELTEN’s modern Safety-Grip sole. Depending on the family member, this sole consists in the variations Rubber/PU and PU/PU.

But the upper material of the RENZO’s is also prepared for almost any sort of attack. The high-quality, smooth cowhide leather and a cut with only a few seams barely offer weak points. Even moisture will have dif-ficulties to penetrate the shoe. This extensive foot protection is com-pleted by full bellows tongues, a PU toe protection for all styles and practical protection mechanisms that have been designed for particular fields of application.

The smallest member of this family is the low shoe RENZO Low ESD S3. However, this ankle-deep safety shoe is far from being the Benjamin of the family, but rather a real muscle man: Thanks to a deep-treaded profile sole, PU toe protection and a penetration-resistant steel midsole, RENZO Low ESD S3 can definitely take up the fight with his big broth-ers – and equals them in every way when it comes to comfort, also with respect to a comfortable textile lining and a full, padded bellows tongue.

So far, RENZO Mid ESD S2 is the only family member which belongs to safety category S2. This half-boot is pleasantly easy to wear, but of-fers – apart from a penetration-resistant midsole – many functions of his big brothers: RENZO Mid ESD S2 is also made of smooth, robust cow-hide leather and equipped with a comfortable textile lining. The deep-treaded Rubber/PU Safety-Grip sole of the latest generation as well as a PU toe protection also belong to the standard equipment.

Safety in class S3 is offered by the half-boot RENZO Mid ESD S3. Be-ing identical with the S2 version from the outside, the “hard” difference is hidden inside: the integrated steel midsole reliably protects the foot against cuts and stab wounds.
The head of the RENZO family is RENZO High ESD S3 HI. Equipped with reliable heat insulation and a heat-resistant outsole, this safety boot can shortly resist to temperatures up to 300° C. Thanks to its penetra-tion-resistant steel midsole, there is no cause for concern regarding steps into nails, broken glass or cuttings. RENZO High ESD S3 HI is equipped with ESD features and thus ideally suited for the use in elec-trostatic areas.

RENZO Winter S3 CI could almost be the family head’s twin brother – even though it does not protect against scorching heat, it is rather made for protecting against bone-chilling cold. His warming lining made of woven lambskin and 100% virgin wool in the pile ensures that the wearer of RENZO Winter S3 CI will never get cold feet – even when walking through snow and ice. This safety boot additionally is equipped with a non-metallic penetration protection and thus is comfortably light to wear.

In the glass-processing industry, you will find the home of RENZO Glas S3 CR. “CR” is the abbreviation for “cut resistance”. This boot is equipped with a high-tech fiber which is extremely light, flexible and 15 times stronger than steel when it comes to tensile strength. By this means, this safety boot protects reliably against cuts from broken glass and is ideally suited for being used in glass-processing companies. Thanks to its penetration-resistant steel midsole, its padded tongue and its approved fit, RENZO Glas S3 CR is not only safe, but also comfort-able.

Apart from RENZO Glas S3 CR, the new RENZO’s are all available in the size range 36 to 50. It goes without saying that all styles are equipped with stable protective toe caps and were tested and certified in accordance with EN ISO 20345. For all craftsmen, the RENZO’s will be the ideal partners for everyday work. When it gets dirty and work-intensive, the RENZO’s will be at the proper place – simply a nice shoe family.

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