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Laser scanner with a scanning angle of 270° integrated teach-in function, and four switching outputs (TiM300 laser scanner)

For suspension monorails and mini-AGVs: distancing and anti-collision with the TiM300 laser scanner
SICK is presenting the TiM300 laser scanner for the first time at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011 trade fair. The sensor’s highlights are its particularly compact housing, scanning angle of 270°, integrated teach-in function, and four switching outputs. With a range of 2 m, the TiM300 is suitable for, among other things, the distancing and monitoring of convoys on suspension monorails, collision prevention and reversing protection on mini-AGVs and mobile platforms, or monitoring projections and occupancy on storage and retrieval devices.

The TiM300 is a purely detecting and switching laser scanner for two-dimensional area monitoring. Its optics and electronics are accommodated in a robust metal housing meeting the special requirements of industrial use. The compact housing offers numerous integration possibilities on suspension monorails, autonomous vehicles or storage and retrieval devices. These mobile applications are well served by the sensor’s high energy efficiency: power consumption is below 4 W, i.e. 50% lower than that of comparable devices.

High detection performance
The TiM300 offers the right detection performance for a variety of intra-logistical applications. The device operates with an infrared transmitter light and thus achieves unrivalled detection capability even with black surfaces: the scanning distance is 2 m with just 10% object reflectivity. The 270° scanning angle of the TiM300 opens up numerous opportunities. Suspension monorails can be reliably distanced even in curves, the drive paths of autonomous vehicles (as well as the vehicle itself) can also be monitored laterally, and double-depth shelves can be checked for occupancy as well as for any projections.

Flexible: plug & play ex works or in situ parameterization
The TiM300 offers up to 16 so-called triple field-sets in the form of signaling, warning and stop fields. They permit vehicles to react to the position and distance of detected objects depending on both the current situation and in advance. Four switching outputs are available for this purpose. The TiM300 has preparameterized triple sets ex works covering the most common monitoring cases – often sufficient for commissioning the laser scanner. The TiM300 is the first device of its type to offer an integrated teach-in function for individualized settings. The SOPAS interface from SICK offers even more comprehensive programming – for which the TiM300 has a USB interface. An alignment aid is also available as an option.

Extremely robust
Availability is everything in intra-logistics. This is why SICK uses metal instead of plastic for the housing of the TiM300 – so the sensor is highly robust. This can be further increased depending on the field of use, e.g. with a protective cover that guards against external influences. The TiM300 rounds out the range of switching and measuring 2D laser scanners from SICK and – with its interesting performance features – is an economical and technically convincing solution for many low-cost applications in intra-logistics.

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