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MultiPac sensor with double receiver, high-power LED and special evaluation / photoelectric proximity sensor for glossy and uneven surfaces

Double receiver and application software: the new photoelectric proximity sensor is fit for foil packaging
Reliably detecting six-packs in PET foil on conveyor systems is a real challenge for optical sensors. The new WTB27-3 MultiPac sensor from SICK now provides the optimum solution. Its double receiver, high-power LED and special evaluation ensures a hitherto impossible level of detection reliability.

The MultiPac sensor is a brilliant solution for glossy and uneven surfaces. Whether foil-wrapped six-packs or shiny metal surfaces, the photoelectric proximity sensor has done away with the old detection limits for highly reflective and uneven surfaces. This has been achieved through the ideally coordinated combination of three main measures: detection performance has been doubled by means of two completely separate receiver systems, a high-power LED generates an extremely high light intensity, and application-specific software controls the complex evaluation.

The MultiPac sensor increases productivity
The WTB27-3 MultiPac sensor is the future-oriented solution for the highly efficient checking and control of, for example, package transport on single- and multilane conveyor sections. Moreover, the sensor can be mounted up to 500 mm above the conveyor so that it can detect the most varied of package types and heights from a single fixed sensor position. When package heights differ there is no longer any need for the mechanical position adjustment that was often necessary in the past – considerably reducing user costs.

The MultiPac sensor – the benchmark for pack detection
In practice, the approach taken by the WTB27-3 MultiPac sensor ensures hitherto impossible reliability. Users confirm that it is “the first sensor for pack detection that really works.”

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