11/30/2011 • Image processing / Optical metrology • Medical tech • Microscopy / Imaging

Illumination for bio photonics, modulated alignment lasers in medical science

Z-LASER presents for the first time at Vision 2011 its new laser modules of the series ZM18DM and ZM12DM. These are designed especially for industrial applications and are suitable as structured illumination for machine vision, medical science or 3D Measurement.

The smallest module is a ZM12DM in an M12 housing which has a length of only 45mm. Both laser series come with modulation option up to 100 kHz and are always adjusted to the customer’s needs. This allows an easy synchronisation with a camera system or to setup the laser intensity via PWM (pulse-width modulation). The lasers are available with red and infrared wavelength (635-980 nm) as well as output powers up to 100mW.

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