11/30/2011 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Hygiene-compliant protection for cameras: Fire Salamander enclosures for use in medical technology

Designed for the protection of camera systems in applications with strict hygiene requirements, autoVimation's compact Fire Salamander series of protective enclosures is suitable for use in medical technology, e.g. in surgery monitoring or robot-assisted surgery.

The especially corrosion-resistant IP67 housing is manufactured from the same V4A (1.4404) stainless steel used for surgical instruments.

Featuring neither corners nor ridges, it can be cleaned very easily. A gasket made from an FDA-approved material seals off the gap of the clamping mount, thereby preventing the accumulation of dirt. Additionally, the front panel is fitted with a continuous seal and installed flush with the enclosure cover. After instal-lation on a base (e.g. an operating table, a medical device etc.), all screws and threads are covered and can therefore not be contaminated. Moreover, the electropolished, very smooth surface repels dirt and germs. The special hygienic cable glands available for the Fire Salamander series do not provide any breeding ground for bateria and viruses either: the threads are completely covered by a protective silicone casing, and edges have been reduced and rounded.

Patented heat guide / quick lock brackets ensure optimal heat dissipation from the camera to the enclosure, which is essential to prevent overheating of the camera, especially considering the low thermal conductivity of stainless steel.

Protective Fire Salamander enclosures are available for all compact cameras with a 47 x 29 to 38 x 38 mm cross-section. Users can choose between models with various lengths starting at 110 mm with a straight or lateral cable outlet.


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