11/30/2011 • Image processing / Optical metrology

New Test and Laboratory Controller for LED Lighting

Latab, the Swedish manufacturer of LED lighting and controllers for machine vision is proud to present a new multifunction controller. The controller has been especially developed for test and laboratory applications. It offers users the option of optimally adapting LED lighting for the respective application within a very short space of time - simply by using the infinitely variable control button on the controller. You have the choice of using continuous lighting or strobe mode.
In continuous mode, current ratings of up to 3 amperes are possible; the brightness can be infinitely adjusted using the control dial. A variant of the continuous lighting mode is switched mode with increased brightness. Here, for a maximum of 5 seconds illumination, the light can be twice as bright as in standard continuous mode without overloading the LEDs.
In strobe mode, the light can be controlled with up to 24 amperes. The flash brightness reaches five times the value of that in continuous mode and can be regulated as can the frequency which is max. 200 hertz. The flash duration can be set to be anywhere between a microsecond and five milliseconds. It is triggered either by an internal frequency generator, an external synchronization source or manually on the controller.
Of course the LED lights made by other manufacturers can also be operated using this controller.
Apart from the comprehensive standard program of LED controllers and lights, with this new development, LATAB is highlighting its expertise in the area of providing individual solutions to image processing applications.

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