11/03/2011 • Plant construction and components

Efficient plant productivity

VARIVENT® valves are the core component in matrix-piped process plants. They are operationally reliable, easy to maintain and suitable for CIP/SIP operations. The VARIVENT® system is a flexible, modular system that has many advantages, for instance standardized parts that go with various valve types.

The result: cost-effectiveness for the plant owner optimized stock-keeping, favorably- priced spare parts and low parts diversity. The new VARIVENT® mixproof sampling valve, these valves are ideally suited as fully automatic sampling and dosing valves. This valve recommends itself for use in automatic sampling systems and dosing functions, as it can easily be fitted to a tank wall or be connected to a standard VARINLINE® housing .

With the T-smart valve series we present a standardized valve concept, in a small and compact design and new standards with regard to ease of use and maintenance. From the T-smart valve series we present new leakage-proof butterfly valves. They are highly functional, CIP/CIP compatible and reliable for the safety of the production process.

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