09/09/2011 • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance

EDR HD-4H4 Hybrid Digital Video Recorder: Megapixel & Standard Video over Coax

The Hybrid Digital Video Recorder EDR HD-4H4 combines HD-CCTV – Video over Coax – Megapixel video inputs (4x) and analogue video inputs (4x) in one device. The DVR offers real time recording and playback with up to 25 IPS (analogue inputs with D1 resolution, HD-CCTV inputs with HD resolution) at the same time and with dual streaming to optimize remote viewing bandwidth utilization. Both main monitor outputs (HDMI/VGA) can be used simultaneously.

MobileView enables live view e.g. via PDA or SmartPhone (free MobileFocus app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android available). EDR HD-4H4 is the perfect solution for expanding current systems; the Full HD Megapixel inputs are simply integrated in the existing RG-59 coax cable net.

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