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ThermoView Pi20: High-performance online thermal imager for process automation

Raytek presents the ThermoView Pi20, a robust thermal imager for industrial process control applications. The latest thermography solution from the experts in non-contact temperature measurement enables continuous monitoring of moving and stationary targets. It is suitable for use in steelworks, the solar industry, and in fire detection. The technology is based on extremely fast infrared sensors and provides a 320 x 240 pixel resolution.

Thanks to its integrated standard Ethernet interface, up to 30 images per second can be transferred, and the camera can be connected to a central processing PC. The imager can be networked over very large distances using fibre optic cables. ThermoView Pi20 imagers are available in two temperature ranges: -40 to 500°C and 200 to 2,000°C. There are two optional lenses for each of the temperature ranges: 21.7° x 16° or 30° x 22°. Raytek offers compatible installation accessories, including a protective casing with integrated cooling and air-purge functions that increases the protection rating from IP54 to IP65. The imager comes with the easy-to-use DataTemp Pi software for the display and analysis of live and archived images. It is possible to configure up to 64 AOIs (Areas of Interest); any temperature variations will then be automatically identified and documented.

The software, which has been specifically tailored to industrial requirements, also establishes an interface to the analogue outputs and I/O modules for monitoring events and triggering process alarms. For users who develop their own, customer-specific solutions, Raytek offers a LabVIEW-based software development kit. Raytek itself has developed tailor-made solutions for testing solar modules and for monitoring fire sources on chipboard and in tobacco drying.

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