09/06/2011 • Laboratory installation / Services • Machine safety, industrial safety

Efficient storage of gas cylinders

asecos has reacted to the increasing demand for the efficient storage of gas cylinders with a half-high G90 gas cylinder cabinet for the storage of two 10-litre cylinders. Today, they must offer much more than legally compliant safety. Because in companies – but also in schools, institutes or universities – storage space is frequently scarce and should therefore be used as effectively as possible.

In industry and laboratories, technical gases are required in the most varied processes and applications. In order to avoid long pipework and the associated risk of contamination of the clean gases, storage of the gas cylinders at the workplace is particularly advantageous. This takes place in accordance with state-of-the-art technology in G90 gas cylin-der cabinets. This technology offers maximum safety at work while assuring 90 minutes time for firefighting and rescue operations in case of fire.

According to practical experience, only a small installation space is required. Because frequently, gases are required regularly, but only in small quantities. And so that storage is not only legally compliant but also effective, asecos has developed a new G90 model, which has room in a minimised installation space of approx. 600 by 615 mm with a height of only 1450 mm – perfect for the storage of two 10-litre gas cylinders.

More safety due to improved ventilation

As soon as a gas escapes due to leakages or improperly closed valves, the risk of explosions, intoxication or other hazards increases. Therefore, optimum ventilation is essential. asecos has re-designed the supply and exhaust air channels in the new G90 cabinet models in cooperation with independent test laboratories. Improved ventilation with substantially reduced pressure losses ensures even more safety. At the same time, the new construction of the ventilation channels of-fers even more space inside due to the more efficient design.

Including comfort in everyday work

Safety and efficiency are of course essential, but operating comfort in everyday work must not be disregarded. After all, a cylinder might weight a few kilograms. The proven details used in the formerly avail-able models have been installed here, too. The robust and convenient fold-away ramp, for instance, continues to help with the safe storage and removal of the gas cylinders. Once they are inside the cabinet they are fastened with ratchet straps and connected to the fittings already installed in the cabinet. Removal of the required quantity of gases is thus possible without opening the cabinet doors, because gas supply takes place via grommets in the ceiling of the gas cylinder cabinets to the place of use.


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