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Hydrogen Generators for Chromatography and Laboratory

Unique range, 26 Models, 9 Flowrates from 150- to 1.200 cc/min. H2-Purity from 99,995 % to 99,99999 %, outlet pressure max. 12 bar.

GAS GENERATION LTD has launched unique range of hydrogen generators specifically designed for Chromatography and Laboratory applications. The hydrogen generators produce a continuous flow of ultra-pure hydrogen reliably and cost effectively, so eliminate high pressure hydrogen cylinders from the laboratory by generating your own continuous source of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is generated on demand from no more than de-ionized water and electricity. The gas is stored only at low pressure, and the volume of stored gas is minimal.

GAS GENERATION LTD offers 4 series of laboratory hydrogen generators depending of gas purity: FID-H2 99,995 %, ND-H2 99,9995 %, PAR-H2 99,9999 %, WM-H2 99,99999 %.

The FID-H2 and ND-H2 series are ideal for supplying hydrogen fuel gas to all known combustion detectors used routinely in GC and THA. The PAR-H2 and WM-H2 series provide a higher purity grade of hydrogen and can be used for GC and GC/MS carrier gas applications as well as ICPMS reaction gas.

Common Features and Benefits

  • Multistage fail-safe system
  • Automatic H2 leak detection
  • Unrivalled cell reliability and longevity
  • Continuous monitoring of ‘vital parameters’
  • Patented water quality management system
  • Auto Water Fill integrated
  • Simple installation and operation
  • remote PC monitoring and control included
  • Stackable with zero air generator

These features provide unrivalled levels of end user safety, reliability, performance and cost of ownership.

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