08/15/2011 • Fire prevention • Machine safety, industrial safety • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection

Linear Heat Detector SecuriSens MHD 535 - fast and accurate fire detection

The MHD 535 - fast, precise and flexible
Temperature ranges of between –55 °C and +125 °C, 100% relative humidity: even under extreme conditions the SecuriSens MHD 535 linear heat detector goes about its duties with complete reliability. And with its new HS (high-speed) bus system it responds twice as quickly as other systems.

Inside its heat measurement cable is a multitude of highly sensitive sensors which signal any notable temperature rises and any increases in infrared radiation to the cable terminal processor with lightning-fast accuracy, via the HS bus system. The response behaviour of each of these sensors can be programmed individually. This means it adapts perfectly to its environment and supplies extremely accurate data to the system. Alarms can be located with great precision.

Simple installation, minimum maintenance, maximum clarity
The sensor cable, with a maximum length of 2000 m, is installed as a stub line. Thanks to its high level of flexibility the assembly is extremely simple – and its sturdiness guarantees a minimum of maintenance. The sensor cable is connected to the cable terminal processor, which continually analyses the data supplied by the sensors and, where necessary, triggers a pre-alarm or an alarm. The MHD Config Software provides a simple way of programming both the cable terminal processor and the individual sensors. And the visualisation functions for alarms and temperature profiles provide the users with an instant overview of the current situation – at the click of a mouse.

MHD 535 - the benefits at a glance

  • lightning-fast alarming: an individual threshold for each sensor, thin cable sheathing, very quick evaluation time using the HS bus system
  • precise alarm localisation: freely selectable sensor spacing ranging between 2 m and 20 m; individual sensor data readable via serial interface
  • flexible installation: extremely flexible sensor cable, individual configuration of each sensor
  • visualisation: graphics-based temperature profiles provide the user with instant and extensive information

Safety - right down the line

The MHD 535 boasts a broad spectrum of applications:

  • tunnels: on roads, the railways, underground railways, at airports, in industry
  • industrial premises such as conveyor plants or production lines
  • refineries, gas and district heating lines
  • power plants, incineration plants, waste disposal plants
  • multi-storey car parks, car-park silos, cold stores
  • saw mills, farms
  • and countless other premises
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