08/11/2011 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Flea3 - the world’s smallest GigE Vision cameras

The Flea3 FL3-GE line of the world’s smallest Gigabit Ethernet cameras offers a total of twelve monochrome and color Sony CCD models, ranging from VGA to 5.0 MP. Measuring just 29 x 29 x 30 mm and weighing only 58 grams, the Flea3 has the same small, lightweight form factor as many industry-standard “ice cube” analog cameras.

Unbeatable price performance and best-in-class image quality with some of the most popular sensors in the industry make FL3-GE models ideal for applications in 3D scanning, metrology, microscopy, medical, factory automation, and machine vision.

Like all Point Grey GigE cameras the Flea3 complies with version 1.2 of the GigE Vision specification, which allows the camera to work seamlessly with software from Cognex, Mathworks, Matrox, MVTec, and NI, as well as with Point Grey's own FlyCapture SDK.

The Flea3 a host of new features, including opto-isolated GPIO for industrial triggering and strobe output, non-volatile flash memory for user data storage, and on-camera frame buffer.

FL3-GE-03S2C/M-C 0.3 MP Sony ICX424 CCD, 1/3", Mono/Color, Global Shutter 648x488 82 FPS 7.4 µm
FL3-GE-08S2C/M-C 0.8 MP Sony ICX204 CCD, 1/3", Mono/Color, Global Shutter 1032x776 31 FPS 4.65 µm
FL3-GE-13S2C/M-C 1.3 MP Sony ICX445 CCD, 1/3", Mono/Color, Global Shutter 1288x964 31 FPS 3.75 µm
FL3-GE-14S3C/M-C 1.4 MP Sony ICX267 CCD, 1/2", Mono/Color, Global Shutter 1384x1032 18 FPS 4.65 µm
FL3-GE-20S4C/M-C 2.0 MP Sony ICX274 CCD, 1/1.8", Mono/Color, Global Shutter 1624x1224 15 FPS 4.4 µm
FL3-GE-50S5C/M-C 5.0 MP Sony ICX655 CCD, 2/3", Mono/Color, Global Shutter 2448x2048 8 FPS 3.45 µm
FL3-GE-03S1C/M-C 0.3 MP Sony ICX618, CCD, 1/24", Mono or Color, Global Shutter 648 x 488 120 FPS 5.6 µm


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