08/03/2011 • Automation • Process automation / MSR technology • Sensor Technology

Micropulse BTL6 Analog PF Profile

The flat design for floating and guided magnets

The Micropulse PF Profile features a flat design, high protection rating (IP 67) and precise measurement. The waveguide is protected inside an aluminum extruded housing. The measuring point is indicated by a passive magnet, with a generous distance of up to 15 mm between magnet and housing for simple mounting.
The shock- and vibration-resistant transducer, which is available in stroke lengths of from 50 to 4500 mm, detects the measuring position without contact, making it completely wear-free and eliminating expensive equipment downtime. The measuring range is 100% adjustable, opening up unlimited possibilities for use. The resolution and repeatability for the transducer system are each as fine as 0.005 mm.

The measuring range is simple to adjust by reconfiguring a connector or using an optional programming box. The user simply adapts the transducer system to the design requirement of the machine by varying the output curve, with no need for a PC, laptop or cumbersome downloading. This saves inventory and design costs, since one Micropulse PF can be used for different measuring tasks on a machine or system, where different units formerly had to be used.

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