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Magnetostrictive linear displacement system

Reliably determining of the piston position (pressure rated to 1000 bar)

Unique: Pressure rated to 1000 bar
Balluff is introducing the world’s first magnetostrictive linear displacement system rated to 1000 bar at the HMI 2011. The Micropulse CD rod-style transducer is installed in the pressure area of heavy load and high-pressure cylinders for monitoring and precisely moving extreme loads. Ideal uses for the system include demanding hydraulic applications in the construction industry and in specialty machine building.

The transducer system has been certified by the renowned MPA Materials Testing Agency in Stuttgart and is the first such system to achieve Ex approval for Zone 2, Ignition Class “nA.” A variety of interface options is available in stroke lengths from 25…2000 mm.

Micropulse CD transducers are based on the proven technology of magnetostriction. This principle is absolute and non-contact, ideal for reliable, high-precision and dynamic measurement of the piston position in hydraulic cylinders. The special flange and outer rod design and the selection of an especially stable stainless steel material predestine the Micropulse CD transducer for use as a feedback system in high-pressure and heavy load cylinders.

The transducer is extremely insensitive to shock and vibration. Thanks to its hermetically sealed housing it easily achieves IP 67 / IP 68 protection ratings. Key data include nominal stroke lengths up to 2000 mm and resolution of 1 µm. A variety of interface options is available, including analog voltage and current, digital start/stop and all of the commonly used field bus systems as well as Ethernet. Both cable and connector versions are offered.

Typical applications in the construction industry include bridge building, in which special heavy load cylinders implement the horizontal push and vertical lift movements. The transducer systems, integrated into the cylinders, then guarantee synchronous and millimeter-accurate positioning of the multiton bridge elements. Already implemented applications in specialty machine building include metal injection molding machines, various high-performance pumps and compressors as well as a 4000 ton forging press with energy accumulator, in which pressures of up to 900 bar are commonly experienced.

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