08/03/2011 • Automation • Process automation / MSR technology • Sensor Technology

BIP inductive positioning system

Reliable detection of clamping distances at high resolution

The new BIP inductive positioning system from Balluff uses an absolute measuring principle to monitor clamping distances reliably and simply with outstanding resolution down to 14 µm. Non-contacting and therefore wear-free, it reliably detects a simple steel target over a linear travel distance of up to 40 mm. Depending on the version the device outputs the measured values over IO-Link or as an analog output signal (0…10 V/ 4…20 mA).

The high repeat accuracy ensures optimal process quality, even in tight mounting conditions and at ambient temperatures of up to 85 °C. Thanks to its ferrite core technology the BIP is insensitive to its installation surroundings.

The BIP could not be easier to integrate into spindles and clamping fixtures. No cumbersome mechanical adjustments are needed, since the simple press of a button on the sensor teaches the travel distance. The IO-Link version of course allows this to be done from the controller.

The main area of application for the BIP inductive positioning system is the monitoring of drive spindles and clamping fixtures. The positioning system can also be used in machine building for many other applications involving linear motion, such as punch depth and positioning of grippers, rollers, valves, etc.

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