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Encodable IO-Link sensor hubs

Tool identification

Tool identification made easy
Balluff offers the only encodable IO-Link sensor hubs in the marketplace, into which any desired identification data can be written and read out from. The special highlight: they can be used to encode interchangeable tools at virtually no added cost.

Every tool, for example a press tool, has its own sensor hub, which then is always replaced together with the tool itself and the associated data. This means format changing takes significantly less time, since the information is by default sent directly to the controller when the tool is started up, thereby guaranteeing continuous process control. A welcome side-effect: no more cumbersome multi-conductor cables to wire, since connection is made using a simple, unshielded and plug-in standard 3-conductor cable.

The identification data are stored in the “Application specific Tag,” which is specified in the IO-Link standard under Index 18h. All that is required is a Balluff IO-Link master with USB port and a software tool. Alternately the ID can be entered from the host PLC controller.

The encodable M12 sensor hubs have universal application and, depending on the version, collect the signals from up to 16 switching sensors. These are made available to the machine controller via IO-Link using a simple 3-conductor cable. The sensor hub is connected to an IO-Link master by means of a 3-conductor standard cable. Then via field bus not only the input signals but also diagnostic data such as short circuit, overload and cable break are provided. Whereas before the collection and sending of signals to the control level of various signals resulted in an arm-thick cable harness, now a simple 3-conductor cable suffices. Special cables and auxiliary boxes are a thing of the past.

The new M12 sensor hubs in a rugged metal enclosure stand out not only by their innovative form factor and toughness, but also by numerous features that make handling a pleasure. Each input can be conveniently configured as normally open or normally closed using a parameter set.

It is also possible to program each of the individual channels as an input or output. Other features include the unusually bright and highly visible Status LEDs and dual input points for each connector, which are made accessible using V-splitters. Pin 2 also provides a Desina output if desired.

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