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Easy ID solutions

Easy ID optimizes processes and improves production flow - ensure complete documentation of processes and production flow using RFID

Balluff RFID - clever uses
Easy ID solutions from Balluff ensure complete documentation of processes and production flow using RFID. They are ideal when data just need to be read for traceability purposes and the data are centrally managed in the controller. Integration into a wide variety of application environments is simple and easy, since solutions with parallel, serial or IO-Link interface are available to save time and money.

Process control is accomplished using the reference or ID number, which like all other associated data such as assembly, testing, stock location and process information are stored in the central controller. These data are linked together so that maximum process transparency is assured.

The Easy ID systems are an especially economical solution when a read-only system is required. The simplest and most flexible way to accomplish this with the Balluff Easy ID systems is to use parallel I/O versions. These include extremely compact units. In some models the read head is integrated into the processor, whereas with others the remote read head is as small as an M12 proximity switch.

Versions with serial interface are an especially reliable and economical solution for replacing barcode reading systems as part of a retrofit. The Easy ID variants offered by Balluff can be used even where there is only a small number of read stations. The systems communicate with controllers or PC systems using RS232, RS422 or IO-Link. The units can be configured so that the data from a data carrier located in the working range is automatically read and the information passed to the host system. Various versions of data carriers in compact form factors or models with separate antennas provide maximum flexibility in manufacturing and assembly.

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