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Polarimeter Unipol L series

Fully automatic digital Polarimeter

Polarimeters of Unipol L series are specially designed for pharmaceutical and chemical applications. Besides resolution and precision the user can choose between several other features:

  • Choose of the wavelength
  • Number of wavelengths (1 or 2)
  • Choose of measuring range (sub-range of ± 360°)
  • Automatic adjustment of beam diameter (required for micro tubes)
  • Automatic wavelength calibration (AWC)
  • Several polarimeter tubes
    - Quartzglass polarimeter tubes
    - Stainless steel tubes (for single or flow through measurements)
    - Micro tubes
    - T-Cell polarimeter tubes with integrated Peltier-elements
    - Chemically resistant polarimter tubes
    - Polarimeter tubes with self-sealing coupling for quick connection / disconnection of water circulators
  • Calibration standards
    - SQCP – Single Quartz Control Plate
    - TQCP – Triple Quartz Control Plate
    - Additional interfaces (e.g.USB, Ethernet)

For requirement according to 21 CFR part 11 appropriate software “Aquisys 2008“ is available.

Polarimeters of Unipol L series are almost nearly maintenance free because no moving parts, dust protected enclosure and long-life time of the LED light source.

Polarimeter Unipol L series (536 KB)

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