08/01/2011 • Laboratory appliances • Microscopy / Imaging

DPSS Laser with 561 nm

Cobolt announces the release of a higher power model of the Cobolt Jive 561 nm on the single-frequency 05-01 Series platform. The laser is now available with up to 500 mW CW output power and is suited to demanding applications such as advanced flow cytometry and super-resolution microscopy. The Cobolt Jive 05-01 is a continuous-wave single-frequency DPSS laser operating at 561 nm in a perfect quality TEM00 beam (M2<1.1).

A new proprietary cavity design provides ultra-low noise performance of typically <0.1% rms (over 20 Hz-20MHz and over 10–40°C) and a narrow spectral linewidth of <1MHz as well as being immune to optical feedback. It is available with 200 mW, 300 mW or 500 mW output power on the single-frequency 05-01 Series platform. Lower powers (25 mW-150 mW) are available on the 04-01 Series platform.

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